Buying Flowers Online: Beware Of Order Gatherers

Buying flowers from a real local florist is good, buying from an order-gatherer is bad. This is an example of how things go wrong when you order from an OG.

A search for a local flower shop in Hartford CT led to this website. This website does not belong to a real local florist, it belongs to an order gather posing as a real local florist in Hartford.

They want to convince the consumer that they will personally prepare and deliver their order. But that's not really what they do. Most likely the just have a website and call center – they can't actually deliver flowers because they don't have flowers, or designers, or delivery vans, etc.

So what they do is send your order to another florist – a flower shop that really does prepare and deliver to the city where you are sending. The problem is that they want to keep a big chunk of the money you paid.

Check out this example of just how ugly it gets when you accidentally deal with an order gatherer. What you get is not what you paid for. You want to avoid order gatherers and deal with a real local florist whenever possible.