Mac OS X Server

Little Snitch Alert: gamed wants to connect to

Decrease the number of Little Snitch alerts like "gamed wants to connect to" by disabling services you don't need in Mac OS X.


If you run Little Snitch on a Mac you are likely to get frequent alerts about connections from the "gamed" process. The full alert usually looks something like this:


And reads as follows...

gamed wants to connect to on TCP port 443 (https)

... and means the system is trying to connect to the Apple Game Center.

You can make these alerts go away by creating a rule in Little Snitch, but if you are using the machine as a server it's likely you don't need the gamed service is running. Even a dedicated work machine is unlikely to need access to game center.

So instead of having gamed constantly trying to connect to Game Center and Little Snitch remembering that it needs to allow it why not just disable the gamed process?

There is no way to do this through the GUI, but it is possible. Take a look at this post for instructions on how to disable the gamed process in Mac OS X.