FloristWare is a powerful, affordable and easy-to-use POS/CRM software system for retail florists that was created by Mark.

Work on the system began more than ten years ago when Mark, who at that point had spent almost a decade in the floral industry, realized there was no system available that allowed florists to take advantages of the dramatic advancements in computing.

Development took several years and was a collaborative process. Knowing that many important aspects of the flower business varied from shop to shop and region to region Mark conducted focus groups across North America where shops large and small were invited to come, see the work in progress and, more importantly, share their thoughts about what the perfect system would look like.

That diverse perspective was important. After ten years in the business and with full time access to two family shops it would have been easy for Mark to assume he knew how a system should work. Funeral customs for example vary greatly between regions and a good floral POS system would have to take that into account. The approach to accounts and credit was different. It varied, but not by region. Instead it seemed to depend more on the age of the shop and size of the city or town – older shops in smaller towns were mostly likely to extend credit and offer charge accounts, while newer shops in larger centers were more likely to insist on payment by credit card at the time of sale. No single approach was right or wrong and FloristWare would have to accommodate all.

FloristWare was finally released almost ten years ago and quickly became the fastest-growing and popular POS system for retail florists, something that continues to this day.