Beyond Cost Plus Sessions For 2015

The first two Beyond Cost Plus sessions have been booked for 2015. They'll take place in March at the Great Lakes Floral Expo in Grand Rapids and the Wisconsin/Upper Michigan Florists Association in Green Bay. More details on dates and times can be found on the Beyond Cost Plus website.

These pricing sessions will be a little different than what we did in 2014. Those sessions focussed primarily on pricing the standard fixed price "catalog" type products that florists typically offer off-the-shelf.

The new sessions are going to look at different but very important part of the retail flower business – quoting weddings and events. It draws on our experience in the industry, the collaboration of a focus group of forward thinking and very successful flower shops, and an approach to quoting successfully used by (believe it or not) software developers as they price jobs from $500 to $500,000.

It really is a new take on quoting flowers for weddings and events – one that should mean fewer missed quotes and higher profits.